Traditional buildings made from the leaves of date palms have provided shelter from the extreme climate of the Arabian peninsula for centuries. One of the few forms of vegetation in these hot and sandy conditions, palm leaves have been used in ingenious ways to create habitable structures that have endured for generations. In many regions in the United Arab Emirates this is referred to as Arish. Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture celebrates this unique indigenous building and craft tradition.

Published in association with a major exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society with IBG in 2012: Palm Leaf Architecture in the United Arab Emirates, this book provides the foundation for a genuine understanding of the region, critical in the context of the fast developing global economies they have become today.

Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture by Sandra Piesik is a rewarding and beautifully illustrated study of a little known, but remarkable, style of architecture. The detail, of both its history and construction, is absorbing. Its sustainability is significant. There is much to be learnt here.”
Michael Palin

Thames & Hudson

English edition UAE launch during the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
Arabic edition published by Kalima and TCA Abu Dhabi in June 2015.

Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for A Changing Planet, edited by Sandra Piesik and published by  Thames & Hudson.